Activism platform concept for UCLA

In Ideation

(I worked on this project as Senior UX Strategist at Phase2)

In 2015, our Phase2 team was asked to design a pilot platform for grassroots activism for a research center at UCLA. As the team’s UX designer, I worked with the stakeholders and technical architect to design the framework for the platform and an innovative mobile app to get users excited about the platform.

The client wanted to leverage a hand-drawn icon set they had previously commissioned for the different types of causes in the app. (These drawings came with the project and, unlike most of the drawings in these case studies, are not my work.) They wanted to build on a high-energy and fun aesthetic, so I created colorful wireframes that indicated a vibe that would be later expanded on by the visual designer.

One of the UI elements I designed for the app is a rotating wheel of icons, so you can scroll through and select types of causes by rotating the wheel that is exposed on the left. The text in the yellow circle at the right would change based on your selection.

Another guiding principle we established was “thumb-friendly” circles to make the app easy to use on smaller screens.

Click here to check out a prototype showcasing more of the screens I designed for this project.

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