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On 23, Jul 2001 | No Comments | In | By xiann

TV Turnoff Week Flash Animation (2001)

My role: Ilustration, animation.

Created Flash animation to promote TV Turnoff Week, 2001. The work that I did on this animation included creation of the concept, storyboarding, illustration, and Flash creation with Macromedia Flash 5. I also used Adobe Illustrator in the storyboarding and illustration phases.

Original drawings

On 23, Jul 1997 | No Comments | In | By xiann

Cox Farms (1997)

My role: Web design.

Designed web site for local farm market chain. The website includes directions to store locations, store hours, current news about the business, and an online brochure about the store’s annual Fall Festival. Most artwork was created by staff illustrators. I scanned and colored the artwork using Adobe Photoshop. I created and storyboarded the website’s original animations using Adobe Photoshop and ImageReady.