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Unison Agency Website (2009)

My role: Work with designers to determine best strategy for fullscreen, animated page design. Build web pages from comps. Debug interactive site for cross-browser compatibility.

Contracting for Unison Agency

DeltaFox Aviation (2008)

My role: Created website from PSD comps, implemented full-screen Flash background, created embedded “savings calculator” using Flash/ActionScript.

Contracting for Unison Agency

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Pets For The Environment Flash Widget (2008)

My role: Integrated one-click social network sharing and email list signup into Flash widget with ActionScript and JavaScript.

Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria Website (2008)

My role: Created JavaScript/Flash website from PSD comps with fullscreen video background. Tested and debugged extensively across major browsers.

Contracting for Unison Agency

Eco Finishes Website (2007)

My role: Flash/ActionScript programming.

Contracting for Unison Agency

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Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain (2007)

My role: Front-end web coding (CSS/XHTML/JavaScript), Flash/ActionScript programming.

Contracting for Unison Agency

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Star Systems Website (2003)

My role: Technical Team Lead, Web Programmer.

Redesigned and developed from the ground up as a programmer and technical team lead for Digital Division. is the public website of the leading nationwide ATM network, which includes more than half of the ATMs in the United States and over one million retail locations. To create the high-profile, content-rich web site, our team used SQL Server, ColdFusion, XML, JavaScript, and Flash. The web site features locator services for millions of ATM and retail locations, a multi-tiered password protected members area, and an administrative area for exclusive use by STAR staff to update and manage the web site’s database driven content.

Contracting for Digital Division