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On 19, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In | By xiann

FHI 360 Website (2013)

My role: Information Architect, requirements gathering and definition, wireframing, prototypes, UX and content strategy, accessibility and low-bandwidth recommendations, QA and user acceptance testing for final product

Information Architect for large-scale web redesign of As the Information Architect on this project, I worked with the client extensively to refine project requirements and create navigational models, interactive wireframe prototypes, content relationship diagrams, requirements briefs and other visually-oriented IA deliverables. Designed UX for 3000+ interlinked research and project documents throughout website. Provided navigational and layout models for responsive mobile design and low-bandwidth version. Worked with design and programming teams to ensure adherence to UX and content strategy during deployment of this highly customized Drupal-powered website.

Project completed on staff at Saforian

On 23, Jul 2012 | No Comments | In | By xiann

Personal landing page for (2012)

Created new personal landing for myself that includes a responsive layout for small screens, draggable “notes”, a layout that gracefully degrades in IE, and some other cool design features that I’ve been using in app development lately.

FonQuiz mobile study and trivia app (2011-2012)

Created educational iPhone app with jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap API where users take an interactive quiz. Launched iPhone and Android versions of app and generated a Kindle e-book version from database. The quizzes are built dynamically using a WebKit-based SQLite database of questions, answers, and other information, which administrators can create using a web-based JavaScript/PHP interface.

Peterson Institute North Korea Blog (2011)

My role: Helped deploy mobile version of blog and determine best practices for mobile streaming audio/visual content.

Contracting for Digital Division

On 23, Jul 2011 | No Comments | In | By xiann

Unison Agency Mobile Version (2011)

My role: Create portal page and help develop iPhone detection so that non-Flash portal page is delivered for iPhone users.

Contracting for Unison Agency

TextWeb iPhone/iPad App (2010-2012)

Created TextWeb for iPhone and iPad using jQuery and PhoneGap API plus custom JavaScript and Obj-C. TextWeb is a text-only web browser built on WebKit. In 2012, added support for iPad using a responsive layout for iPad.