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On 19, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In | By xiann

Clean Cooking Forum (2013)

My role: Coded custom WordPress plugins, customized existing themes and plugins, coded some JavaScript/jQuery features

Built WordPress website for UN Foundation conference in collaboration with front-end designers at Saforian. Created custom plugin for event program, registration, reporting, sponsorships, and speaker application. Designed and coded reports to be exported into Excel. Created custom PDF and user-uploaded image downloaders. Worked with client to define requirements.

Project completed on staff at Saforian

On 19, Sep 2012 | No Comments | In | By xiann

Disable WordPress Editors – Premium WordPress Plugin (2012)

My role: Plugin design and creation, WordPress/PHP and Javascript coding

Created WordPress plugin for sale on CodeCanyon. The plugin disables theme and plugin editors which can cause problems security, intellectual property, stability, and design integrity.

View project on CodeCanyon

Bubbly Crowdsourcing Platform (2010-2012)

My role: Specs, Prototyping, Lead Developer, App Designer

Designed and developed network of WordPress-powered community websites that are used by small towns and communities to create ideas and energy for smart growth and positive change. These sites use Bubbly, a powerful web-based plugin app that I created and built. Bubbly is an online community where members register, submit ideas, vote and discuss ideas, and more. The back-end administrators have access to reporting on user feedback, user databases, and more.

The two cities shown using Bubbly above are Roanoke, Virginia and Hilo, Hawaii.

Worked in collaboration with CoolTown Studios

Bristol Rising! Website (2012)

My role: Worked with CrowdsourcedPlacemaking’s web developer to create a customized Bubbly Crowdsourcing plugin to integrate with BuddyPress websites. The result is a fully featured community website with integrated crowdsourcing tools.

On 23, Jul 2012 | No Comments | In | By xiann

Clean Admin Bar Removal WordPress Plugin (2012)

Created plugin to fix UI problem in WordPress 3.3 and higher.

Peterson Institute North Korea Blog (2011)

My role: Helped deploy mobile version of blog and determine best practices for mobile streaming audio/visual content.

Contracting for Digital Division

On 23, Jul 2011 | No Comments | In | By xiann (2011)

My role: Build PSD comps info customized WordPress theme.

Contracting for Digital Division Redesign (2011)

My role: Select out-of-the-box WordPress theme and customize the jQuery slideshow, archiving features, post format, and other elements.

On 24, Jul 2009 | No Comments | In | By xiann

Sticky Comics Webcomic Site (2009)

My role: Web design, custom WordPress theme development

Created a new custom WordPress site for my ongoing webcomic, sticky comics. (You’re looking at a portfolio of my web development work, but you may view the webcomic as a portfolio of my cartooning work.)

On 23, Jul 2009 | No Comments | In | By xiann

North American Passionist JPIC Website (2009)

My role: Designed and coded WordPress theme with custom features. Integrated website with Constant Contact using the API. Trained staff how to update the website with WordPress.

On 24, Jul 2008 | No Comments | In | By xiann

America Walks Website (2008)

My role: Web Design, WordPress theme development

Revamped original America Walks web design and built it into a WordPress CMS with a custom calendar, membership system, and more.

On 23, Jul 2008 | No Comments | In | By xiann

Sweetlife Blog (2008)

My role: Built the WordPress theme for Sweetgreen’s “Sweetlife” blog.

Contracting for Unison Agency

On 23, Jul 2008 | No Comments | In | By xiann

OMI Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation Website (2008)

My role: Designed and coded custom WordPress theme and helped the OMI staff import more than 500 static pages into their new site. Custom PHP development included API integration of MailChimp and YouTube.

On 23, Jul 2008 | No Comments | In | By xiann

Friends of the Global Fight Blog (2008)

My role: Built custom WordPress theme based on PSD comps. Trained staff how to use WordPress to update the blog.

Contracting for Unison Agency