A Workshop for Content Marketing Strategy

(I did this work as a consultant for ParsonsTKO.)

Designed & facilitated full-day in-person workshop to train the staff at a major trade association in content marketing strategy in early 2020. In preparation for the training session, created a research questionnaire to canvas the ~25 attendees to determine the baseline expertise and current state within the organization, which enabled us to provide insights to senior leadership and tailor the workshop to its participants.

Facilitation of the workshop (which I co-facilitated with two team members) involved a mix of presenting questionnaire findings, introducing the concepts, and working with the group of association professionals to create and discuss journey maps that helped crystalize a collective vision of audience engagement in the years ahead.

After completion of the workshop, I analyzed, synthesized, and reported back findings in an executive summary deck presented to senior leaders at the association. Additionally, I put together a training guide to enable staff to reuse the workshop internally, complete with printable worksheets and step-by-step instructions for the activities.

Christiann MacAuley

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Organizations I’ve worked with include:

Atlantic Council
Brookings Institution
CrossFit (Global)

DC9 Nightclub
Endocrine Society
Environmental Working Group
FHI 360
Green America
Harvard Business School
Northwell Health
Peterson Institute
Phase2 Technology
Social Investment Forum
Stanford University
STAR Systems
Unison Agency
United Nations Foundation
United Nations OCHA
Voice of America