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That time I was in a Samsung ad

When folding phones started to become available, I was psyched. It’s really cool that they use actual folding glass, and I’ve been thinking for years about the unrealized potential of the folding form factor...

Bike Safety & Perspective in UX

Professionally, I’m in User Experience (UX), but I’m an armchair transportation nerd, too. I love stories about smart cities and safe streets. When I hear an anecdote on transportation that’s broadly a UX problem, I...

7 Keys to Getting Buy-in to Create Change, Illustrated

Sketch notes from a UN workshop several years ago. I cleaned them up a bit to share here. Above are some sketch notes from an awesome workshop a few years back. Clearly I got really into this! Creating change is...

Screaming for a subvocal microphone

I wrote this article in 2014 about the development of a technology that I believe could be a user interface game changer, the subvocal microphone. Screaming for a subvocal mic >